5 Importance of Agriculture to the Society

Agriculture is the root of all civilization. A society cannot exist without agriculture. Agriculture is primarily described as the production of food substances. Agriculture includes activities such as fruit cultivation, poultry, dairy, forestry among others. It also consists of the general processing, distribution, and marketing of animal and crop products. Agriculture is very essential in the growth of any country’s economy. It provides citizens with food as well as raw materials. This article will outline some of the importance of agriculture to society.

1.  Source of livelihood

About seventy percent of the world population is engaged in agriculture. This means that agriculture is a major source of employment mostly for people living in developing countries. The employment can be divided into two categories which are directly and indirectly. Agriculture directly provides employment for farmers and other people working on the farm such as farm equipment technicians. On the other hand, agriculture indirectly employs scientists who are involved in seed and fertilizer production. Not to forget the engineers involved in the development and advancements of farm machines.

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2.  Supply of food

Agriculture is the main source of food around the world. Different countries in the world produce different kinds of food crops. Through imports and exports, people can access the type of food substances they desire. These foods provide us with all the nutrients that our bodies require such as vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals among many others. Moreover, agriculture provides fodder for livestock. As a result, these animals are able to remain healthy and produce more.

3.  Source of raw materials

Major manufacturing companies such as cotton and textile industries or sugar companies depend on raw materials. These can only be available through agricultural activities. Other manufacturing companies that are dependent on agriculture include fruit and vegetable processing, rice husking among others. According to recent research, manufacturing companies that relied on agricultural raw materials created accounted for over fifty percent of jobs in the industrial field.

4.  Improvement of the transport industry

Agricultural produce from the farms needs to be transported from one place to other where it can reach its target populations. Before some of the produce is packaged for sale, it needs to be transported to factories for further processing. Roads and railways are the best form of transport for the bulk agricultural produce. As a result, the roads and railways have to be developed and maintained to ensure that citizens acquire their food on time. Therefore, countries can benefit from a good network of roads due to agriculture.

5.  Economic development

As seen earlier, agriculture employs a large number of people in society. This results in the improvement of the level of national income. The standards of living of the common people in the community also realize significant improvement. The continuous growth of the agricultural field helps to create motivation for the overall development of a nation. As a result, the rate of economic growth depends on how fast the agricultural sector grows.

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